All profits from items in our shops go directly to LymeAid UK. We have awareness jewellery and clothing and Lyme Disease preventatives!



Buy TickCards on eBay from LymeAid UK for only £3.15 + p&p.
Tick Cards are a must have for anyone who goes walking or camping in the countryside. For ramblers, birdwatchers, scouts - anyone who may come into contact with ticks. Ticks can carry bacteria which cause Lyme Disease, the quicker the tick is removed the less chance that this will be transferred. It is also important to remove a tick correctly to prevent transmission - if the tick is squashed it will expel the bacteria into your bloodstream which is why the tick card is a perfect removal device. Best of all the tick card is the size of a credit card so it can live in your wallet and you never need to remember to pick it up for walks. It has 2 notches for large and small ticks (or bee-stings, splinters, thorns) and a magnifying glass to check if it is a tick or a splinter that you have picked up.










Buy LymeAid UK awareness wristbands on Ebay for only £1 + p&p
These silicone bracelets are perfect for raising awareness about Lyme Disease, to start a dialogue and best of all to remind you to think tick safe!







Buy LymeAid UK t-shirts directly from us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for £15 including shipping
These wonderful 100% cotton t-shirts help raise awareness of Lyme disease and LymeAid UK with an eye-catching design and simple slogan - and of course all profits go directly to the LymeAid UK to help patients get the tests they need.









Buy LymeAid UK awareness ribbons on Ebay for £1.00 + p&p
Lime green branded awareness ribbons are perfect to show your support and care and to get people asking questions about Lyme.